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  • What Is Shadow Box?

    Centralized Digital Content In a Virtual Hub 


    Looking for Consumers

    Company's always looking for ways to get their products or services into the consumers hands and increase their market share by using advertisers to market their goods and services


    Looking for Products

    Shoppers looking for products and or services with little results or no results and just settle on what they see, and look to others to recommend or suggest something


    Product + Followers = SALES

    Influencers have a followers that trust them so when they show branded products or services followers listen! So they can help a brand gain a greater market share

    Virtual Hub

    Links Everyone Together

    We created Shadow Box to link these entities together creating a Virtual Hub that connects the consumer with the brand and the consumers indirectly work for the brand

  • Our Mission

    Is to centralize digital content by creating a virtual hub for advertisers & consumers , that couples real-time influencer's by connecting brands with their target consumers.

    This is a futuristic approach to matching brand with consumer. We can pinpoint targets real-time unifying their audience by linking brands with popular and trending social media videos.

    We are the first to integrate advertising and marketing into trending Tiktok videos and specialize in linking their brand with their consumer. We shadow trending videos and offer affiliate opportunities to the content creator and partnership with the brands.

    Using our story-line on social media we create a constant stream of commercials for established and upcoming brands that will be viewed by thousands of consumers 24/7. Look for Our New Mobile App Coming Soon!

    We're Making Connections

    “We’re connecting the consumer with the brand and then the consumer is working for the brand, indirectly, The Shadowbox model is simple. Users have the opportunity to sign up for a one-time subscription that gives them various benefits. with that subscription, Shadowbox will facilitate brand partnerships and sponsored content opportunities for the “influencer's” that will give them access to product and relationships. So for instance, an influencer with an appealing aesthetic for fashion might be paired with American Eagle Outfitters where the brand will send them product and or clothing to promote on their social media pages. This is the goal and purpose of Shadow Box making connections that ultimately help everyone all in one easy to use place.

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